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In our care, your hands and feet will look great, with a wide colour palette available in a choice of natural or semi-permanent varnish.


Look naturally tanned all year round while moisturising your skin with our DHA self-tanner made with cane sugar.


We use the latest manual techniques and cutting-edge devices to tackle issues such as loose skin, cellulite or loss of volume. All our treatments can be booked in individual sessions or in packs


Get balanced and well-defined eyebrows, correct small lip asymmetries or highlight the base of your eyelashes with this semi-permanent make-up technique that is a revolution in the world of beauty treatments


Make your gaze longer using extensions. Curve your lashes using permanent extensions. Forget about mascara and use a special dye to colour them


We design protocols that are specific to what your skin needs. We specialise in manual treatments that make your skin shine, make your face look younger and help clear your acne


We have thought our hat collection down to the very last detail: unique pieces with patterns that look great on you, using comfy, fresh fabrics that fit perfectly, with colours you will love


Are you looking for a gift and can’t make your mind up? The service packs we’ve come up with are your best choice. You can’t go wrong! Choose which services to include or let the person getting the gift decide when they book their appointment

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