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The dominion www.angelanavarro.net, hereinafter the Website, is registered to ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A.
Website owner information:
Company name: ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A.
VAT No.: A78586377
Address: CALLE AYALA, Nº 26 28001 MADRID

Accessing the Website and any information regarding the products or services contained therein entails acceptance of the conditions established in this Legal Notice. To this end, we recommend that you read its contents carefully if you wish to access and use the information and services offered in the Website. Some of the pages on this Website may deploy cookies. These are small data files created in the computer of the User or Customer, allowing our systems to record the language and site chosen, as well as other browsing features or preferences of Users during their first session. These “cookies” are not invasive or dangerous and do not contain personal information. Their sole function is to customise your browsing as stated

1. User status. Allowed and banned usage:

Any person accessing and/or using the website (or any other site mentioned in section 1 of this Notice) will be considered a User and, as such, will accept, from this moment forward, fully and unreservedly, the specific conditions that, given the case, complement, amend or substitute the general conditions regarding certain Website services and contents. The User commits to using the Website, its services and contents without violating current regulations, good faith, widely accepted usage and public order. Similarly, using the website for purposes that are illegal or in any way harmful to the company owning the Website or any third party, or which can, in any way, damage or prevent the normal use of the Website, is prohibited.

2. Copyright and industrial property:

The following are prohibited regarding the contents of the Website (information, texts, pictures, sound and/or image files, photographs, designs, etc.): the reproduction, distribution or modification thereof, unless expressly authorised by the legitimate copyright holders or when legally allowed; any violation of the rights of the owner of the Website or the legitimate copyright holders; use of the content for commercial or advertising purposes unless otherwise authorised; any attempt to obtaining the contents of the Website by any means other than those made available to users and those regularly used online, as long as they do not damage the Website.
The owner of the Website offers no guarantees and will not be liable, in any case, of any damages of any nature, related to:

1. The lack of availability, maintenance and effective functioning of the Website, its services and/or contents.
2. The lack of use, suitability or validity of the Website, its services and/or contents to satisfy the specific needs, activities, results or expectations of the User.
3. The existence of virus, malware or damaging contents.
4. How Users receive, obtain, store, disseminate or communicate its contents.
5. The illegal, negligent, fraudulent use of the Website, its services and/or contents by Users, against these General Conditions, good faith and widely acceptable use.
6. The unlawfulness, lack of quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of the services offered by third parties made available to Users of the Website.
7. Non-compliance by third parties of their obligations or commitments in regard to the services offered to Users through the Website. Towards respecting intellectual property copyrights, if a User or third part considers there has been a violation of their legitimate rights due to including certain content on the Website, they will communicate this circumstance to ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A., pointing out the following:
1. Personal information of the copyright holder of the rights allegedly infringed. If the claim is presented by a third party, they must point out in what capacity they are representing the interested party.
2. The contents protected by copyright and their location on the website.

3. Certificate that proves copyright.

4. Express declaration from the interested party attesting to the veracity of the information provided in the claim.

Third parties are exclusively liable for the legitimacy of any industrial or intellectual property rights corresponding to contents provided by them.  The following conditions apply when a link is set up between an external website and any of the pages on the Website:

1. Total or partial reproduction of any of the services or contents of the Website is prohibited.*
2. The website where the link is established will contain no trademark, brand name, banner, denomination, logo, slogan or any other distinctive signs belonging to the Website.
3. The owner of the Website will, under no circumstances, be liable for the contents or services made available on the web page linked or for any information or statements included therein.

3. Duration and amendments:

The duration of the service offered by the Website and its services is indefinite. Without prejudice to the above, the owner of the Website reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or end the service offered by the Website or any of the services contained therein, in the terms of section Three.
The structure and design of the Website may be unilaterally amended without warning, whenever necessary. Similarly, the services, contents and conditions to access and/or use the Website may also be amended or eliminated.

4. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

These General Conditions will be governed by Spanish legislation. The owner of the Website and its Users expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may apply to them and will be subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice corresponding to the address of the User for any issues that may arise or actions that may be taken derived from offering the Website, its services and contents and in regard to the interpretation, implementation, compliance or non-compliance of the contents hereby established. Whenever the address of the User is outside Spain, the owner of the Website and the User renounce expressly to any other forum that will apply to them and will be subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Justice of Madrid.

5. Scope of implementation.

Unless otherwise stated in writing, the following general conditions are applicable to all relations between ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. (VAT No.: A78586377) and its Customers. Placing an order by a Customer will entail acceptance of these conditions.
An Order will only be formalised once it has been accepted by ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A.

6. Price and forms of payment.

Set prices may vary without prior warning. All prices are in Euros. Shipping costs will be calculated and quoted separately for each other. Any orders for products and services carried out by ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. will be paid in advance, by bank transfer or credit card.

In the case of total or partial non-payment by the customer on the date agreed on one or more orders for products, ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. will be entitled to cancel or call off any pending delivery or contract, and will not be liable for damages, including loss of earnings, or damages to the customer for delay or loss of production.

In the case of a delay in receiving or picking up stock by the customer, ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. will be entitled to storing the goods, at the risk of the Customer, at its own facilities or at facilities of a third party.
The use of discount codes will be subject to their approval by ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A.

7. Delivery of orders.

ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. will deliver no orders until payment by the Customer has been confirmed. A product is considered to be delivered once the courier has made the order available to the Customer and the latter has signed the dispatch note. It is the Customer’s responsibility to verify the order on delivery and to state any relevant claims on the said dispatch note.
Delivery will be carried out within a maximum term of 30 days after the order has been received.

If ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. does not deliver the goods within 30 days from the delivery date agreed, the Customer may set a reasonable supplementary time for ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. to comply with its obligation to deliver, after which they will be entitled to cancelling the order without cost and without ANGELA NACARRO, S.A., incurring any liability for damages.

ANGELA NAVARRO,S.A. will not be held liable for non-compliance with its obligations when such is derived from unforeseeable circumstances or circumstances which, though foreseeable, were unavoidable, or due to unwilling impediments (cases of force majeure and fortuitous incidents), including among others: acts of government or the Administration, industrial action in its own facilities or at a third party, lockouts, civil disobedience, earthquakes or any other natural disaster, lack of or being unable to procure raw materials, supplies or equipment, non-functioning of the facilities, etc. In such a case, ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. will communicate such impediment to the Customer and will adopt any means necessary to comply with the Contract as soon as possible, updating the Customer regularly. A period of interruption caused by any of the causes above will not be considered non-compliance with the contract.

8. Returns and refunds.

The term for returning or retracting is fifteen (15) working days from the order delivery date. Within this period, Customers may return, at their own cost, without penalty, the product or products which do not suit them.

In this case, the Customer may choose between reimbursement of the amount paid for the product or products returned or changing the product or products returned. The products returned must be in good condition, unopened and preferably still in their original packaging, as delivered by ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A.

Before returning any products, the customer must send an email to: hola@angelanavarro.net, or phone: 91 577 29 56 to make a note of their return and prepare to receive it correctly.

In any case, the Customer will be responsible for any expenses and risks for returning the products. Returns will be sent to: ANGELA NAVARRO, S.A. Ayala, 26, 28001 Madrid

The right to return a product will be void if: the products returned have been opened, used or damaged by the Customer, or if they are incomplete. Reimbursement will take place within 30 days once the package has been received at our warehouse.