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There are no ugly brides. Even more if you find your perfect skin routine for your wedding day.

However, we wouldn’t want you to hold back from showing your wedding photos because you didn’t take care of your skin… so, let’s get going!

First things first. Start by assessing the state of your skin and analysing your goal and timetable. Ideally, if you have no prior skin condition, you should start planning your routine 3 months before your wedding.

The goal of this treatment routine is to have uniform, radiant skin (minimising blotches and open pores) so that make-up only needs to highlight your best features.

 1st treatment. In-depth skin renewal and hydration. This treatment, which includes a double, chemical and mechanical, peeling, achieves cell activation and the cleansing of the outer corneum layer of the skin. This will make it easier to apply the active ingredients that our professional staff will determine for your type of skin.

 2nd treatment. Fruit acids decrease the thickening of the skin, dilated pores and acne. The percentage of fruit acids will vary depending on the state of your skin, ending this treatment with liposomes to hydrate and regenerate.

 3rd session. We recommend self-tanning to improve skin tone. You can undergo a session 15 days prior to your wedding to see what the result will be like without the risk if you don’t like, and then repeating a couple of days prior to your wedding. Before undergoing self-tanning you should exfoliate completely. And after self-tanning you should hydrate your skin thoroughly to avoid losing your tan in blotches.

 4th session: The day before your wedding is the best time to get a manicure and pedicure for a perfect finish, any last-minute hair removal, and a flash treatment with radiofrequency to have the softest skin the next day.

Now you only need to get a good night’s rest and you will be radiant on your big day!